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Demagogy [EP.116]

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

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dj coun

1 – I Am – Blutengel
2 – Dream of a Ghost – Diary of Dreams
3 – Lluvia De Electrones – Nordika
4 – Sorry (Peoples Theatre Sorrow Mix) – NamNamBulu
5 – Neon Paradise – Tying Tiffany
6 – Bittersweet (feat. Diana S) – Aesthetische
7 – Ambassador (Featuring Miss Ballistic) – Angelspit
8 – Rubber Corpse (Dwarf Edit) – Wumpscut
9 – Echogenetic – Youth Code – Front Line Assembly
10 – Lass uns tanzen – Frontal
11 – Waywarder – No Sleep by the Machine
12 – Things – Global Citizen
13 – Just for the Comfort of Sleep – Kant Kino
14 – MKK.2 – X Marks the Pedwalk
15 – Potential – Ludovico Technique
16 – The Grey (Feat. Studio-X) – Cryogenic Echelon
17 – White me in Black me Out [Club Mix] – Helalyn Flowers

Blackout in the Bat House [EP.12]

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

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BlackOut in the Bat House : Episode 12


1:Circuit 7-video boys
2:Bat Attack- the count
3:Clair Obscur – Conchita’s Dance
4:Opera De Nuit-amoir noir
5:Spectres-slender man
6:Cult of the Psychic Fetus – In the Shadows
7:Adam’s Family-timewaster
8:Spear of Destiny-liberator (12 in)
9:Middle Class- listen
10:Lady Besery’s Garden-Collapse
11:Alien Sex Fiend -wish I woz a dog
12:Antiworld-don’t be afraid of the dark
14:Darkness & Jive-victims

Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.36]

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

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more shenanigans! we brought ms kazoo and lil joe! shout out to ms sherry from CAD, mr wingworm used your dj name (sorry!)


dj depraved
thyx – waiting for you
state of the union – descent
frozen plasma – crossroads (mental discipline remix)

dj infekktion
feindflug- kahle bedrohung
alien vampires-fuck off and die
suicide commando-traumatize

dj dantae’s prayer
iamx ghost of utopia
theatre of tragedy-machine ( vnv nation mix)
evils toy-virtual state

dj draggy
fgfc820 – doctrine
sin d.n.a. – hate is the law
centhron – dominator

dj depraved
chrom – in my world
frozen plasma – murderous trap
vicious alliance – right beside you (save me now mix)
imperative reaction – side effect
mental discipline – we are no machines (feat. tess)

Cemetery Confessions 4 – Elitism

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

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Episode 4 – Sepulchre

1 630 687 1105

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Ticklefight – Solemn Oath brewery
The Carpenters Mikan Ale – Baird Brewing Company

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X-in June – Choose your God

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