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Cemetery Confessions 8 – Goth Music

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

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Welcome to Episode 8, the one about goth music! On today’s show our special guest is DJ Gomez.

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What are you Drinking:

Butterfly Flashmob – Solemn Oath Brewery

Beer Show


Poems in the Cemetery

Ghetto Gothic

Cemetery Wedding

Tumblr Goth

Funeral Industry News

Album Review:

Peter Murphy – Lion

Philosophy Corner:

-Goth Music-


Hellraiser – Revelations

Sinsiter Suggestion:

Also check out the Vampire audio theater podcast The Dark Light.

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Fuck Up [ICM 118]

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

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dj coun
1 – The Ghost of Shokan Lake – Peter Murphy
2 – Succession – Vaniish
3 – Tiny Wars and Quiet Storms – Alter Der Ruine
4 – Heaven – Mr Kitty
5 – Broken Wings (Endanger mix) – Mondtraume
6 – Frostbite (studio-x club mix) – Avarice in Audio
7 – Fuck Unicorns – Combichrist
8 – Make me Blind – Suicidal Romance
9 – Le son de la pluie (fils de pute remix by Grendel) – Tamtrum
10 – Use Once and Destroy [Version : Alien Vampires] – Psyclon Nine
11 – Lay my Vengeance – Prozium
12 – Assholes – X-Rx
13 – Byprodukt (urmx by EdoBot feat. Mari Kattman) – Aesthetische
14 – Timewrap – Aengeldust
15 – Broken heart clichC (Alien Vampires mix) – Unter Null
16 – Leviathan – Alter Der Ruine
17 – Blade Runner End Theme – Halo in Reverse
18 – Hand it Over – Razorfade
19 – Henchman Follows Hand – Everything Goes Cold

Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.38]

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

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june 21 we have dj depraved and dj infekktion at the wax club 18+ free.

DJ Depraved
de/vision – time to be alive (electrobuster edit)
thyx – every time
angel theory – here i am
cold in may – happy people
state of the union – stupid song

DJ Draggy
blakopz-debris machine
grendel-timewave zero
reaxxion guerrila-no way to heaven
dawn of ashes-scars on scars

DJ Infekktion
dance or die – dance or die (solitary experiments remix)
echodroides – satellite
front line assembly – next war
combichrist – from my cold dead hands

DJ Depraved
edge of dawn – losing ground
vnv nation – standing
mesh – step by step
covenant – go film
blaqk audio – stiff kittens
blutengel – when i feel you

Cemetery Confessions 7 – Corporate Goth

Friday, June 6th, 2014

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Sean and Jen

Welcome to Episode 7 – Corporate Goth

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Wave Gotik Treffin

What Are We Drinking:

Madame Rose – Goose Island
Undercover Ale – Lagunita’s


Goth Guy Fashion
Coffin Therapy
News From Anne Rice
Goth and Self Harm
Is Goth Dead?

Album Review:

Vomito Negro – Black Sun

Philosophy Corner:

Corp Goth Links
What is Corp Goth

Sinister Suggestions:

Goth University
Harold and Maude

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