About DJ Count:

DJ Count is a Chicago based DJ, the owner of The Requiem, and the purveyor of his unsettling passion for depravity.

The Count’s career started as a simple desire to share music with his friends.  Upon finding skill and passion whilst crafting mixes, he began sharing them online as torrents.  After a year of unexpected success and a growing fan base, The Count moved his blood crazed empire to the world of podcasts.

At this point, The Count ventured into the world of clubs and dance floors, spinning at live events.  During this period, a podcast known as Faction 6 took notice. With a subscription base of over 177,000, the Count was invited to become a resident DJ. His show ‘Midnight Mass’ was then born.

7 years have passed since this podcast was created and ‘The Requiem’ continues to gain notoriety as a fixture among the Goth/Underground scene.

As a new face to the tight nit Chicagoland DJ scene, The Count continues to perfect his craft through live performances and entrancing podcast episodes, as he continues to spread his dark gift to the world.

Fun Fact: The name ‘The Requiem’ is borrowed from a popular role playing game by White Wolf. The Count is a fanatic fan of the World of Darkness (oWoD) and Vampire: The Masquerade.
The Requiem is also the expression of desire we feel to belong and be safe. The Count is a strong believer in the fostering of a community that accepts the strange and dejected as family, and together reach out to those hurting and lost, to offer asylum and comfort.

Learn more about The Count and his relation to Clan Toreador here.

DJ Sound Palate:

DJ Count is dedicated to bringing elegance, decadence, and all things Goth back to the club scene.

While most DJ’s are spinning Noize and Terror EBM, The Count finds himself compeled to break the mold.  The Count’s sophisticated blend of Goth and Ethereal is a breath of fresh air to the underground.  While The Count’s heavy handed gothic overtones are his signature and calling card, he remains dedicated to making the dance floor move.

To contact DJ Count, send an e-mail to: DJCount@TheRequiem.net


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